Welcome to Cecelia's Portfolio! Below is information regarding myself and a few examples of my work. If you would like me to work on a project that is not in my experience I am willing to do examples to give you a feel of my capabilities.

About Me

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Welcome! to my Portfolio!
I decided to make this because I like to find creative ways to approach people. This should cover all your general questions about myself and what I can do. My name is Cecelia and I am a 22 year old graphic Designer. I started self studying this year and have progressed pretty fast. As far as coding goes I use to code as a hobbie when I was in my early teens. I still remember everything I learnt and managed to quickly code this website for my use. So I know most of the basics in Html and Css which I learned by trial and error through playing with codes. A time consuming way to learn but I had alot of time on my hands when I was younger. The programs I use now to draw are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I draw using my touch pad on my laptop. Its very small and its a strange way to draw but its all I had so I learnt to work with it. I believe there are no excuses in life when working towards something you want so you have to learn to adapt to your surroundings and find creative ways to acheive your goals. This is what I have done and what I have acheived with no courses or special tools. Just a curious girl with a natural talent and the want to learn and progress quickly.I was born and raised in America but moved to Durban when I was nine years old. I moved to Cape town Feb 2015 with no real plans and its been a struggle from day one but I have loved every moment of it. Right now I am jobless and searching for a junior graphic design position. Its either that or back to Durban and I would like to stay so like always I am fighting as much as I can to stay here until end of October and hopefully by then I have found my way into an amazing company. I am also doing freelance jobs here and there so if your just here for a logo or whatever the case may be, I am available. Carry on scrolling down to find examples and my contact Details.


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Past Work

Here I will mention some of my past work experiences. There is alot to mention as I started working really young and took alot of odd jobs here and there. I didn't need the money when I was younger I just wanted to learn all I could and I still do.

Promotions: I started doing promotions a few years ago and still do them now. Its a good way to make extra cash and meet new people.
Bar Tending/Waitressing: I did this for about four months a few years back.
Animal Caretaker: I love animals and I worked with primates for almost five years. I am still on the board of one of the places I worked and help run their facebook page and help with any graphic Design needs they have.
Tour guide: I did this when I first moved to Cape Town, Because I studied it and it was a good way to make money in season. Not to mention loads of fun.


Contact Me

If you are interested in contacting me for freelance or a permanent position please use the details and links below.

Email: cclilannie@gmail.com

Phone (whatsapp only): 0799 490 756

Thank you for visitng my Portfolio :)

This website was NOT made by a website builder. I made this website as an example of my coding knowledge..